Sustainable Planning Testimonials

Hello Susan and Sandy,
“Just read in Edible Columbus about your work with ARC. My, my warrior women– what an accomplishment! Such a win-win-win project –I see this as such a powerful model for discovering how what is needed to create a sustainable life is often close by, within our grasp. Your creative, connecting work is inspiring!”

With gratitude,
Carol Fisher
Long-time Board Member
Simply Living

“Thank you for presenting at MORPC’s Summit. The Weinland Park project is a great example of what we can accomplish when people work together to use green infrastructure. Your team’s presentation helped make this one of the best breakout sessions I’ve been a part of.”

Grace and peace,
David Rutter
Watershed Coordinator
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

“Dear Sandy,

In an industry that can leave the good left unsaid, I want to vary from the pattern and let you know what a pleasure it is to work along side of you. The knowledge you have of the industry, exceptional ability to handle people and recognize how to adapt to whom you work for is a blessing to all who are in the mix of project. These qualities you bring to the beginning of the project, becomes a thank you in the end which I have experienced over the years. Many thanks!”

Dan Eisma, LEED AP
Wyoming, MI

“Dear Susan:
Just a note to tell you how much I love and appreciate you! This garden is so lovely! When Michael asked what I liked most about having it, my 1st response was ‘The sheer beauty of it.’ On further consideration, my answer remains the same. It’s beautiful every day, every minute. Thank you, I’m so glad you’re in my life!”

Ruth Friscoe (residential client)

“Susan is an amazing resource and asset to our community. She is a true partner in planning, designing and supporting the follow-through of our Outdoor Learning Environments. Her willingness to jump right in, her positive outlook and fresh perspectives always make her a joy to work with. I feel that she has been an integral part of transforming the way we view what is possible outdoors for children.”

Danielle Norman
Studio Teacher, Early Childhood,
Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities