garden-of-comminion-140Our services:
2003-2006. Organizational co-founder; site layout, design, budget, and implementation oversight; volunteer coordination; funding research; education oversight.

Project partners:
Old First Presbyterian Church, Franklin Park Conservatory’s Growing to Green Program, The Columbus Foodshed Project, Scott’s Urban Garden Academy.

Four Seasons City Farm is a non-profit organization dedicated to revolutionary food production and community-building projects in and around the near eastside of Columbus, Ohio. Started in the early growing season of 2004 as part of the outreach ministry of the Old First Presbyterian Church, the City Farm vision has expanded to include fourteen different plots in the city, including a one-acre community garden complex.

City Farm works to create a sustainable program through bi-weekly sales at local farmers’ markets as well as through distribution to local grocers and restaurants. All proceeds from these sales go directly back into expanding the urban garden program. In addition, City Farm is committed to using the most sustainable farming techniques (including organic growing) and to making the byproduct of those techniques (namely, fresh vegetables and fruits) accessible to all in the immediate community.

garden-of-communion-162The Garden of Communion was the first of City Farm’s urban agriculture sites. The garden, which is owned by Old First Presbyterian Church, was designed to accommodate multiple needs, including vegetable production, fruit production, a cutting garden, season-extension strategies, beautification, education, and gathering space for nearby residents. Its unique features include a steel garden pavilion with kiwi planting, gravel pathways, a natural stone retaining wall, a hoophouse, trained fruit trees, berry bushes, and a multitude of delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers!

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