6th Street and Growing (2 acre urban farm, Newark, Ohio)

Our services:
2009-2010. Development of community engagement process, strategy for community visioning session; facilitation of visioning session and associated meetings; development of preliminary site design and implementation plan.

Project partners:
Tectum Inc., Old Country Church, Denison University, City of Newark, Local Matters.

This multi-acre garden has a long history of serving the population of Newark, OH. Founded by the Old Country Church to provide fresh vegetables to south side residents, this site has served as an informal gardening location for local residents since 1995. In 1999 Denison University founded the Helping Hands Garden, a collaborative program with the Licking County Juvenile Courts System described as ‘a restorative justice program for teenage girls that combines organic gardening with lesson plans that promote a positive and healthy lifestyle.’

Rooted in the energy of this dynamic juvenile justice program, a group of community members came together in 2009 to formalize a community garden at the location. With this effort ‘6th Street and Growing Community Gardens’ was born, including the formation of a supporting nonprofit organization. The past year has seen explosive growth in community participation. Canvassing, recruitment, and informational sessions have led to full participation during the 2011 growing season as well educational sessions on gardening and nutrition.

Use of the garden plots is free to gardening members. Donations from Sustaining Members helps to pay for tools, water, and tilling. All donations are tax-deductible. To make a donation, please mail to 6th Street and Growing Community Gardens, PO Box 8706, Newark, Ohio 43056-8706.

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