pic-1Sensory Garden, Northwest Library, City of Worthington, Ohio

Our services:
2013-Present. Site layout, design, and budget oversight; funding research.

Project partners:
City of Worthington.

In mid-2013, the City of Worthington generated the idea of creating a sensory garden space at their Northwest Library branch.  They facilitated several community engagement sessions to ‘dream’ the space; participants visioned a space where adults and children of all ages could experience a variety of imaginative sensory experiences in an accessible, natural outdoor setting.

Integrity developed a land plan for the space in the fall of 2013 based on the criteria developed by the community.  Proposed features of the sensory garden space include a diversity of native plants, sculpture, safe ‘pondless’ water features, gravel pathways, a dry creekbed with native pebbles and boulders, a bird habitat area, natural log seats and benches, and storage for ‘loose parts’ for creative play.  Several of the native plant beds lining the edge of the handicapped parking area will also absorb storm water runoff from the parking lot pavement.

The plan is in the final approval stage; implementation of the first phase of the sensory garden is projected to be spring 2014.