Girl-Scouts-3This natural play environment is being developed for the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council. Their request was to design a play area that would present opportunities for safe, engaged natural play for Girl Scouts of all ages.

Proposed features for the area include an Indian Village with permanent huts as well as ‘do-it-yourself ‘ huts that campers can construct from salvaged sticks and logs. Paths will wind through Wildlife Areas packed with native grasses and flowers. Campers can relax in ‘habitat huts’, rustic enclosures that will permit up-close birdwatching and observation. Boardwalks will traverse a constructed Streambed complete with pocket pools for active wet play and glacial sand pits for digging expeditions. A large Gathering Circle will accommodate a tent or picnic pavilion for large-group activities. (Proposed Phase I installation date: spring 2013)