paint-brushesSunapple Studios, northwest Columbus

Our services:
2013-Present. Support development of business sustainability strategy, facilitate team meetings, identify community resources and relationships, research funding opportunities.

Project partners:
Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, VSAO, Cultural Arts Center.

Several years ago, Arc Industries realized that not all of the individuals employed by their organization were fulfilled by the work they performed. Many were artists, eager to create and share their unique vision of the world with others. Arc Industries created a studio, started a program, and hired a retired art teacher to guide it. It didn’t take long for things to take off!  In 2008, Sunapple artworks were displayed and sold for the first time at a shop in Clintonville, and  the profits from the sales were paid to the artists.

Today, with the guidance of Integrity, professional artists, a creative staff, and interning students from Ohio State University, Sunapple artists are exhibiting paintings in juried shows, are creating commissioned pieces for office buildings and public spaces, and are earning income through sales of their work at a number of local retailers.