Edible School Gardens

Edible School Gardens are outdoor spaces at schools designed to achieve a variety of goals. These goals usually include giving children more exposure to seasonal fruits and vegetables that can be grown in their area, encouraging them to experiment with new, healthier food choices, and offering them opportunities to experience how food crops are planted, grown, and harvested.

Additional benefits of Edible School Gardens can include hands-on lessons that help children to model sustainable gardening practices, leading to an increased understanding of their role in environmental stewardship. Many projects focus on teaching life skills, including working as a part of a team, showing respect for self and others, and being an active listener.

Some Edible School Gardens serve a community engagement role as well. Many school gardens are open to participation from neighborhood and community members; this can be a sound sustainability practice for the school, and can help to uplift the health and sense of community of the entire neighborhood.

Brookside Elementary School

Early Childhood Facility, east side of Columbus Ohio

Early Childhood Facility, northwest Columbus Ohio