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2015 ONLA Landscape Awards – Merit Award, ‘The Kitchen Garden'
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The Hero Within: Imagination and Identity
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Integrity introduces ARC Industries to the Commons in Harmony
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Sandy Frey – LEED Green Associate, PV1 Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design   I love music. It’s truly the universal unifier. Especially, singing. You can break out into a rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, or follow a call and response East African chant, or sing Happy Birthday almost anywhere in the word and total […]

A Sensory Story Garden for Northwest Library!
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By Susan Weber, APLD, LEED Green Associate In the fall of 2013, Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design partnered with the City of Worthington in developing the idea of creating a natural, educational sensory garden space at their Northwest Library branch. The Northwest Library is one of three sites for the Worthington Library, which is the […]

Art Meets Food…Sunapple Studio Develops Custom Dinnerware For The Crest Gastropub!
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by Susan Weber                                                                                                                                  APLD, LEED Green Associate I’ve been enjoying a new view of central Ohio’s arts community through my recent consulting work with Arc Industries’ Sunapple Studio program. I’ve had a love affair with the arts since I was a child.  My father was an architect; he and my mother created an environment for […]

Khorasan - ‘The Wheat You Can Eat’!
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Wheat has been cultivated domestically for thousands of years. It is the primary ingredient of that most enduring and legendary of foods—our daily bread. During the last 100 years these ancient wheat varieties have been re-bred to be shorter, higher in yield, more disease resistant and better adapted to mechanized food processing. Today’s wheat now […]

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Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association Celebrates Excellence in the Landscape Profession   January 7, 2015 –Columbus, OH – Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design is proud to announce it has achieved award-winning status from The Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association (ONLA) in its prestigious 42nd annual Landscape Awards Program.   Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design was […]

This new wind turbine is designed to look like a tree for better visual aesthetics and for more adaptable breeze power!
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What looks like a sculpture of a tree is actually a wind turbine with many smaller, leaf shaped blades. Because the blades are small and vertical, they generate power in low wind as well as high. The design is silent (big plus!) and looks to be safer for birds. Wind turbines are popping up everywhere. […]

Go Wild!  Delicious local-food inspiration from Quebec City…
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A recent trip to the beautiful, scenic ‘Old City’ area of Quebec City re-inspired me to incorporate more wild game meats into my everyday diet.  Dinner at ‘Restaurant aux Anciens Canadiens’ (an internationally-known restaurant located in a rustic stone building built in 1675) provided a multitude of delicious dishes highlighting local wild game. The appetizer […]

Now we’re getting somewhere!
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When I first read the story I thought it might be an internet hoax, no matter how much I wanted to believe it. Imagine… seawater as fuel! Well, not exactly the water part of it, but the carbon dioxide pollution we humans seem to create in such mass quantities. Of course CO2  does occur naturally […]