This new wind turbine is designed to look like a tree for better visual aesthetics and for more adaptable breeze power!

This new wind turbine is designed to look like a tree for better visual aesthetics and for more adaptable breeze power!
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What looks like a sculpture of a tree is actually a wind turbine with many smaller, leaf shaped blades. Because the blades are small and vertical, they generate power in low wind as well as high. The design is silent (big plus!) and looks to be safer for birds.

Wind turbines are popping up everywhere. More and more places are going the extra mile by finding innovative ways to get some clean energy in places where the classic gigantic wind turbine can’t, like public places, urban spaces, and the tops of skyscrapers.  Cityscapes and urban neighborhoods are ripe with land mass for wind power generation if the right turbine is installed.

French businessman Jerome Michaud-Lariviere made the artificial wind tree to appeal to people that oppose wind power for reason of sights and sounds. His claim is that the ‘Wind Tree’ will produce a significant amount of green energy without protest. They’re artistic and attractive, with 72 leaf looking micro-turbines; it stands 24ft x 24ft x 36ft.  It operates in much slower winds, as slow as 4.5 mph, and the Wind Tree is virtually silent compared to other, more traditional, types.

The ‘Trees’ will be distributed by Michaud-Lariviere’s startup company ‘New Wind’. The prototype of the ‘Wind Tree’, which now stands in Brittany’s Pleumeur-Bodou commune in the north-western part of France, consists of a minimalist tree, with numerous pod-shaped plastic leaves hanging from its steel branches. Each of the leaves possesses a tiny turbine blade that is capable of turning easily in any direction the wind blows! Talking about the inspiration behind this ingenious contraption, Michaud-Larivière, founder of New Wind, said:

‘The idea came to me in a square where I saw the leaves tremble when there was not a breath of air… [the energy] had to come from somewhere and be translatable into watts.’

This March their prototype will be installed for pedestrians to gawk at within Place de la Concorde in Paris. These dudes intend to begin mass production in 2016.

Each unit will sell for $36,500. With an output of 3.1kW, and an average working capability of 280 in the year, New Wind predicts that the product will make its own worth back for consumers after 2 years of use.

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