Go Wild! Delicious local-food inspiration from Quebec City…

Go Wild!  Delicious local-food inspiration from Quebec City…
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A recent trip to the beautiful, scenic ‘Old City’ area of Quebec City re-inspired me to incorporate more wild game meats into my everyday diet.  Dinner at ‘Restaurant aux Anciens Canadiens’ (an internationally-known restaurant located in a rustic stone building built in 1675) provided a multitude of delicious dishes highlighting local wild game.

The appetizer of ‘wild caribou and bison rillettes with a confit of carrots’ was a tasty surprise.   A rillettes is made by chopping or cubing meat, cooking it slowly until it is tender and then processing it until semi-smooth.  This pate-like mixture is then served as a spread with bread or toast. This game pate was quite mild in flavor, and combined well with the marmalade-like carrot confit.  The entrée, ‘Lac St. Jean meat pie’, was a well-seasoned mixture of cooked chopped bison and root vegetables.  The meal ended with a local Quebec dessert specialty, ‘maple syrup pie’.  Sweet (literally)!!!!

There are many proven health benefits to eating wild game.  Wild game has not been exposed to medications or antibiotics and is very high in iron and protein. Wild meat is usually extremely lean (often less than 5% overall fat content) which makes this ‘original red meat’ very heart-healthy.  Preferred cooking methods for wild game meats include searing on a hot grill or slow-cooking with moisture.  Go wild!

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