Hellstrip Gardening – Plants That Can “take the heat”!

Hellstrip Gardening – Plants That Can “take the heat”!
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‘Hellstrip Gardening’ is a recent term that describes the area between urban sidewalks and curbs (check out Evelyn J. Hadden’s excellent book of the same name).  Often the first area of landscaping visible from the street, hellstrips are also often the most ignored.  Reflected heat from the street, salt and chemicals from snow removal, and a narrow profile can lead to a real landscaping challenge.

A recent trip to Salt Lake City provided many examples of successful hellstrip gardening. A city blessed with spectacular mountain scenery and the Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City has very low levels of rainfall for most of the year.  Many hellstrip gardens there reflected the need to conserve water, and featured local aggregates, pebbles, and boulders, as well as low-maintenance native perennials, trees, shrubs and grasses.  Some front yard hellstrips were even being used as edible gardens!  We’re using our inspiration from Salt Lake City to continue to evaluate sidewalk-to-curb possibilities for beautification, food production and water conservation in central Ohio.  More to follow!

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