Blooms from bulbs, indoors as well as out!

Blooms from bulbs, indoors as well as out!
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We’re all familiar with the beautiful spring blooms of flowers planted from bulbs in the spring.  Bright daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths are a common site in outdoor Columbus gardens during the spring months. But did you know that you can have spectacular, colorful blooms inside during the cold winter months?

Paperwhites are a member of the Narcissus genus, and though native to the Mediterranean region, they are easy to force into bloom indoors here in central Ohio.  Their starry white flowers are intensely fragrant.  To force narcissus for winter bloom, plant bulbs in pots filled with moistened potting mix or pebbles.  Put in a cool location (50-65 degrees F) with indirect light until the emerging shoot is a couple of inches long.  The pot can then be moved to a warmer, brighter location to encourage the emergence of the flowers. Most paperwhite cultivars bloom in about 3-4 weeks after potting.

Amaryllis, native to South Africa, are another easy-to-force bulb with spectacular, showy winter flowers.  Pot amaryllis bulbs in pots of moistened potting mix, leaving the top 1/3 of the bulb above the surface of the soil.  Put in a location with indirect light, and water very lightly until shoots appear.  Similar to narcissus, the amaryllis can then be moved to a warmer location in bright sun, and watered more frequently while blooming. Blooms usually appear in 7-10 weeks after potting.

Both paperwhite and amaryllis bulbs are easy to find in department stores and garden centers in central Ohio during the fall and winter months.  Take a few minutes to pot up a few bulbs, and we guarantee that you’ll enjoy the spectacular winter color!

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