Serendipity – plants, the earth, and breathing

Serendipity – plants, the earth, and breathing
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Serendipity:  ser·en·dip·i·ty

noun \ˌser-ən-ˈdi-pə-tē\

  • Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for. The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.  Merriam-Webster
  • The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. The Free Dictionary


1754: coined by Horace Walpole, suggested by The Three Princes of Serendip, the title of a fairy tale in which the heroes ‘were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of’. Oxford Dictionary

I’ve been thinking a lot about serendipity lately, I seem to be surrounded by it. Or is it that, because I’m taking the time to smell the flowers, literally, I’m able to pay more attention to the sequence of how things occur?

A friend of mine remarked that the very first breath we take is a gift from the plant world, the oxygen they breathe out is what we need to breathe in and therefore we are related on a cellular level.

Another friend has recently been extoling the benefits of standing barefoot on the earth for 15 minutes every day. Then I happened across this article which states: ‘Have you ever noticed how good it feels to walk barefoot on a sandy beach, or in a forest? There is a reason for that-it’s called the grounding effect. The reason for this sense of well-being is due to the fact that you’re receiving a surge of potent healing electrons from the ground. The earth has a slightly negative charge, so when you stand barefoot on that sand, electrons from the earth flow into your body, giving you a virtual “transfusion” of healing power.’

The technique of deep breathing has been around for a long time. It detoxifies and releases toxins, releases tension, relaxes the mind and body and brings clarity, strengthens the immune system, oxygenates and improves the quality of our blood, strengthens our hearts and lungs, boosts our energy and elevates our mood.

Recently I’ve been mindful to breathe deeply several times throughout the day, especially now that it’s full summer with everything in full bloom splendor. I can be outside, sit amongst my plant family, put my bare feet on the earth, and pay attention to how things occur making fortunate discoveries by accident.

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