We’re Making Sauce!!

We’re Making Sauce!!
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One of my favorite project’s Integrity’s’ involved with is the ARC Industry-Sunapple Kitchens project. Not quite 2 years ago, we met with the CEO, a visionary who tasked us simply to design a project that would provide the opportunity for ARC attendees to mix with the general population around healthy food.

Wow, wide open! We toured the four county facilities and immediately noticed the industrial kitchens were underutilized. Hmmm….! What an opportunity to pair local food entrepreneurs with the workforce at ARC to locally produce products in a commercial kitchen!

A lot of food venders start in their own kitchens producing under a ‘cottage industry’ license. In order to take the leap to commercial production they have to either find a commercial kitchen to rent or outfit their own in addition to adding employees, a very expensive leap! The project is designed to supply a trained workforce that comes with the commercial kitchen; the vendor pays only for the hourly employee who is trained by the staff of the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities as the vendor’s ‘employee’.

Two of the four kitchens are general use, one is gluten free and the last is a cannery/bottler. Unlike most cottage industry baking vendors, mass producing a bottled sauce can’t easily be done in a home kitchen! What a service, opening up Sunapple Cannery is, to the central Ohio area!  Focusing on high acid products only, we’re bottling BBQ sauce (do you know how many different flavors of BBQ sauce there are?) of varying degrees of heat, hot sauce, vinaigrettes, mustard sauce, and salsa. Pictured is Chef Del Sroufe of the Wellness Forum with his products proudly bottled at Sunapple Cannery!

We’re open for business and we’re making sauce!!

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