Shared Rides: Marrying Convenience and Conservation With Living The City Life!

Shared Rides: Marrying Convenience and Conservation With Living The City Life!
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On a recent European trip I saw racks of bikes and lines of electric cars dotting the city streets in daily use, and I thought about Columbus.

As more and more of us head back to the inner city neighborhoods from the suburbs an interesting thing is happening. Folks are beginning to think of taking advantage of “group convenience”, designing walkable neighborhoods into our city plans.  We have precedence for this, neighborhoods used to be “walkable” by necessity as there were no cars. We can look to the past and see the future; where the people are, the businesses will follow. More and more local and regional retail and service businesses are populating the city blocks again making it unnecessary for some to use a car every day. Many are giving up car ownership and the associated financial costs that go with it altogether. But, what to do when the day’s activities take you out of the neighborhood and you need the convenience of door to door service? Shared rides! Be it CoGo bicycles or Car2Go cars, for a relatively low cost, participants are joining the “pay as you go” programs – shared ride stations are popping up all over Columbus.

Another bonus is that the “vehicles” are eco-friendly leaving less carbon footprint. Small cars use less fuel, smart cars use even less fuel, and bicycles…well you get the picture.


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