Integrity Loves ‘Containerscaping’!

Integrity Loves ‘Containerscaping’!
3 years, 11 months ago 0
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Would you like to add a bit of 4-season beauty to your yard? Do some ‘containerscaping’!

It’s easy: Select several durable, attractive containers that suit the style of your home. We love using items that have an attractive patina, including vintage galvanized buckets and washtubs, wood packing crates, old pottery crocks and terra cotta pots…you get the picture! Choose perennial plants with a variety of textures, colors and seasonal interest, and don’t be afraid to include hardy shrubs, small trees, and ornamental grasses! When you assemble your containerscape, make sure that you put things at different levels to increase visual interest. Upside-down buckets, old stools, and overturned packing crates help to create that ‘depth of field’. Throw in some annual seasonal color…mums, ornamental cabbage, ornamental kale and pansies add great fall color…and enjoy!

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