The Seasoned Farmhouse

The Seasoned Farmhouse
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Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design is delighted to support The Seasoned Farmhouse! Created by Chef Tricia Wheeler, The Seasoned Farmhouse is a recreational cooking school, learning garden, cookbook library, specialty culinary boutique, and private event space at 3674 North High Street in Clintonville, Ohio. The year-round cookery, gardening, and educational programming celebrates seasonal ingredients from the bountiful farms and artisan producers throughout Ohio.

We’re overseeing the planning and design of an edible landscape at The Seasoned Farmhouse, so watch for changes in the outdoor spaces around the school as spring progresses!

Also, Susan will be presenting a class at the school on June 20, 2013 from 7-8:30 pm called.

‘Native Edible Plants In Your Yard And On Your Plate!’

Learn how to incorporate native plants that have edible and medicinal qualities in your own yard. We’ll review a variety of Central Ohio–born trees, shrubs and perennials, discuss their cultural requirements, and taste some goodies that include native edible plants as a key ingredient (including Quiche with Wild-harvested Greens, Sparkling Hibiscus Tea, and Savory Shortbread!). Cost of the class per person is $40. For more information on The Seasoned Farmhouse and to sign up for Susan’s class, go to:

The Seasoned Farmhouse

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