An Integrity Holiday

An Integrity Holiday
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An Integrity Holiday between the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas took us to Paris this year, my most favorite city in the world, and a city which dates back prior to the Middle Ages! Parisians are steeped in culture and art from birth, it’s in the water they drink and the air they breathe, they bring an artistic eye to everything they do, and as artists and designers it’s just up our alley! Beauty exudes from every crack and crevice. Design is paramount; from the simplest of things to the most imperative! Thought is given to how the streets are laid out, how high the buildings are, the materials you encounter, the look and scale of everything in relation to everything else. How wonderful! So you feel good just being there, you may not even know why, it can be so subtle! In fact, in an effort to preserve the feel of the city and the historic architecture of the buildings, in modern Paris you can remodel the interiors of the buildings any way you like but you may not change the exterior one bit!

The city is extremely walkable and everywhere you go tiny specialty shops, like this flower shop, dot the neighborhoods. Just look at the simple but beautiful way the merchandise is displayed. Shop owners focus on one type of product and become experts at their labors of love, the resulting effect is a testimony to the wisdom of their focus, don’t you agree?

Something the founding planners of Paris may not have thought of as an added bonus to the layout of the city (or did they?) is the way the warmth from the sun is collected in the materials of the streets and buildings during the day and given off at night. This heat is passively released as the temperature dips down at the end of the day warming the surrounding air and keeping everything and everyone toasty-warm! The plants of Paris love the additional warmth, it extends the growing season, blooming earlier in the spring and lasting well into the winter months. Even on December 9th when this photo was taken the plants are blooming in full beautiful display! The only evidence of the impending winter is the flocked branches, a nod to Christmas!

So…we walked the city, taking in the beauty, noting the design, went shopping, a little site seeing, drank champagne and ate beautiful food. Local farmers are subsidized to GROW food, to earn a living wage, and to keep the prices down allowing access to healthy food. YUM! Oh the difference in the taste!

You really should go…just for the feel of it!

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