Weinland Park: Building a Sustainable Neighborhood

Weinland Park: Building a Sustainable Neighborhood
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EcoSummit 2012 E-Newsletter: June 2012
Welcome to Columbus: Building a Sustainable Neighborhood

Weinland Park will be featured at EcoSummit 2012 Workshop 2 entitled ‘Weinland Park in Columbus, USA: One neighborhood’s perspective on developing ecotechniques for stormwater management,‘ It is being organized by Susan Weber, Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design, Columbus, and will focus on specific stormwater management strategies used in several collaborative projects in the urban neighborhood. This Workshop 2 will be held from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm on Monday October 1 at EcoSummit 2012.

Weinland Park is a neighborhood not far from Downtown Columbus with a strong working class background that took its hits when manufacturing and other businesses either closed shop or moved to the suburbs. Housing in the area suffered right along with the income of Weinland Park residents.

Now, Weinland Park is in the midst of a comeback. The area has seen new home construction for the first time in decades and some of the old vacant homes have been restored to their former beauty.

To the untrained eye the redevelopment of Weinland Park has the feel of most every other urban restoration project. But a closer look reveals backyard gardens and community lots that will put food on the tables of the neighborhood’s residents and hopefully form the basis of a new business model that will make Weinland Park a food supplier far beyond the area’s few city blocks.

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  1. GIRARD Corentin , LIMOUZIN Leo says:

    WEBER Susan

    Integrity Sustainable
    Planning & Design

    27th SEPTEMBER 2012

    Dear Ms Weber,

    With reference to your site: http://integritysustainableplanning.com/ and we would like to have more informations about your project.
    We are from Montaigu, in Vendée, in France. We are two students in sustainable development, so your project is really interesting for we.
    We would like to know in which materials you use to make your buildings?
    With which method?
    With which tecnology?
    Wherein is equipped your building?
    With which energy works the differents elements of the house?
    Aproximately, how much is yous house?

    We look forward to receiving your answer.

    Yours faithfully.

    Corentin , Léo

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