2012 International EcoSummit Workshop

2012 International EcoSummit Workshop
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Weinland Park in Columbus, USA: One neighborhood’s perspective on developing ecotechniques for stormwater management

Workshop Organizer(s):
Susan Weber & Sandy Frey, Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design, Columbus, OH, USA

This presentation will focus on specific stormwater management strategies used in several collaborative projects in the urban neighbourhood of Weinland Park in Columbus, Ohio. Some of the strategies used include front yard and curbside rain gardens, alley right-of-way gardens, above-ground food production gardens and cisterns. Maintenance needs, community engagement, employment opportunities, educational sessions, project assessment and monitoring will also be discussed.

Keywords: agriculture, stormwater, monitoring

Workshop Duration: 2 hours

Workshop Presentations – 15 minutes each, 1 hour 15 minutes total

Susan Weber and Sandy Frey, Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design, Columbus, OH, USA
Laura Fay, Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed, Columbus, OH, USA
Evelyn VanTil, 4th Street Farms, Columbus, OH, USA
Wendy Naumann, Diversified Data, Columbus, OH, USA
Mark Dilley, MAD Scientist and Associates, Westerville, OH, USA

Panel Discussion – 45 minutes
Discuss with workshop attendees the challenges of solving urban stormwater management problems, particularly in low-income communities with large areas of privately-owned residential property.

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